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Growing up in a large musical family, I've wanted to write songs for pretty much my whole life, but any time I sat down to write, I couldn't find the right words. But when my seemingly perfect little world was invaded by the ruthless corruption of sin and death, the songs came. Since that time, God’s continued to give me songs for the broken, the discouraged, the confused, and the weary. Most of these songs have been inspired by or written for friends walking through valleys of darkness.

Occasionally, I've shared these songs on Facebook out of a desire to encourage more people struggling in darkness. The response to those videos has made me realize there is a need for more songs of lament. People resonated with the lyrics that met believers where they were in confusion, heartache, and grief, and gently offered real, lasting hope in Christ.

So, we've recorded these 8 songs, written for those struggling to find words to sing.  


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